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_i know i ken, be what i wanna be, if i work hard at it, i'll be where i wanna be ~ nas

some random facts about me

  • daytime

    during the day i moonlight as a web developer. you can find me leaned over my desk with sublime text editor open. favorite language is javascript. i'll kiss john resig's feet one day. i was once in en electrical engineering class for 5 years though the only thing i recall is v = ir

  • zzzzziiippppp

    oops!, i lied up there, i can recall a couple of things in electronics. other than changing bulbs, i can hold my ground against a soldering bit. currently working on a project that maybe in your car soon

  • vrrrooom!!!

    i like racing and long drives to nowhere. hope i can convience my wife to buy me a mitsubishi evo soon. mmmmh! that may cost me another honeymoon

  • that looks sciency

    i like all things science, from robotics to cell biology. i find that fascinating. hope one day i get to max planck institute. but if i fail, i can settle for a lab in my garage, like dexter's lab

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this is my blank '<'canvas'>', i shall soon populate it with some cool(cool is relative) projects

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